Monday 22 June 2020

Covid-19 isn’t going away soon…… What’s your plan to make YOUR team safe in the workplace?

Thankfully Covid-19 seems to be on the wane…. But it will take a long time to disappear fully, and it is unlikely to be the last pandemic. This means that YOU may need to make the workplace safe for your team and perhaps your customers.

The good news is that many organisations have successfully implemented a Work-From-Home strategy….. And perhaps it has been much easier than we had dreamed it could be – certainly full or part-time WFH will now be a real option for many office workers.

The bad news is that solving the problem for workers who MUST be in their workplace is much, much harder.

Thankfully there ARE tools and solutions (automated Artificial Intelligence) that can help.

Solving the problem falls into several areas

  • Supplying / enforcing use of PPE
  • Providing hygiene solutions – hand sanitiser and washing facilities
  • Making social distancing easy & ensuring that it happens

The last of the above – social distancing, is easy to request, but much harder to implement & has a whole set of sub-problems

  • Filtering out people who have symptoms e.g. high temperature, that they themselves may be unaware of
  • Re-arranging the environment to provide enough isolation where individuals work
  • Reducing hotspots where people might struggle to keep a suitable distance
  • Changing processes to reduce face-face interactions where possible
  • Encouraging a culture where people choose to do the right thing

For these problems we have a technology solution: IRIS, an Artificial Intelligence tool that automatically and constantly analyses what is going on in your workplace AND gives you the data to work out what is going wrong, when it is going wrong and gives you the opportunity to fix it.

  • It can check who is & is not using PPE
  • It can check temperature of people entering a building
  • It can measure how far apart people are 24/7
  • It can find hotspots where social distancing guidelines being broken
  • Feedback is immediate and specific

Crucially this allows YOU to take control

  • Change processes exactly where it creates problems
  • Rearrange workspace to minimise squeeze points & hotspots
  • Make changes AND then check if these changes were effective
  • As with many processes you often get what you measure ….especially when the feedback loop is effective

Perhaps as importantly it allows you to SHOW that you are taking control, hopefully giving confidence to people, demonstrates your organisation’s desire for change and ideally creating a model for the right culture. 

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