Wednesday 11 December 2019

Empowering young lives in Aryan Ashraya

In a world where every penny counts, there are only a few who believe in the concept of ‘giving back’, and those who do, are the ones who create a positive impact on the society.

One such example is Manjula who manages an orphanage, Aryan Ashraya, and houses about 22 children of all ages (from infants and toddlers to older kids), with support from her family. She has a small school ‘Aryan Vidhalya Tutors’ and Yoga classes to help her family and the orphanage sustain. However, she struggles daily to meet the basic requirements of the children such as school fees, groceries, diapers, clothes, etc. as the orphanage is not funded or even recognised much.

We decided to help them by conducting a charity drive in the company. As a part of this gesture, we not only made a monetary contribution but also visited ‘Aryan Ashraya’ and spent a heart-warming day with these children. We hope to make a difference by sponsoring the school fees of these children as well as providing some necessary equipment.

You too can do your bit and contribute to their smiles by lending a hand to these underprivileged and less fortunate children by donating in cash or kind.

You can contact Manjula at 090664 14642

or pay them a visit at: Aryan Vidhalya Tutorss
Parvathinagar, Medahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560049

As an organisation, we aim to remain grounded to #humanvalues.

#csr #integrateitright